Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Red House that Held Big Dreams

I once had big dreams that kept me home. Dreams that I would grow up, and stay right where I was, under the watch of Crowders Mountain. A place where life was simple, happy endings were easy, and the world was safe. My Shire.  That Shire held an old, red house, a place dear to my heart. The paint was peeling, walls weakening, chimney crumbling, but to me it was a castle. Everyone else looked and saw dusty past, a hazard that needed to be removed. I looked and saw my fairy tale. I knew that if I were to ever open that faded green door, and step into its enchanted walls, everything I ever wanted would come true. My best friend at that time was the only one able to see the magic that house held. We’d stand in front of it with our bikes, and discuss how one day we’d buy it and fix it up, return it to its former red glory. There we would live, her and I, forever best friends, forever safe. Time doesn’t respect the dreams of children though. Years went by, children became teenagers, friendship began to fade, and dreams were forgotten. Unfortunately, magic can be forgotten too. I forgot the enchantment the red house held until one day I was told it was going to be torn down. It had become too much of a danger, an eyesore. It was time for it to be destroyed and something new put in its place. Then I remembered. Remembered the fairy tale that lived in its tired walls, and wondered how I could have ever forgotten. It was as if I had betrayed a dear friend, and I felt as if I needed to apologize. Beg forgiveness for forgetting what beauty its red walls and green door held. The forgetting came so naturally though. Isn’t that what we do? We grow up and forget to see the enchantment that surrounds us, to stop and look for dreams in the most unexpected of places.
My childhood wish to walk past the green door came true, just days before its destruction. It wasn’t filled with magic. Instead dust and grim filled its corners. Memories lay scattered across the rotting floorboards. Then I found it, a trinket of the enchantment I once believed dwelt in that space. A Christmas ornament of a reindeer, somehow once lost and forgotten, was now given to me as a reminder of my red house. How appropriate that a symbol of Christmas, one of the most beautiful holidays of all, would be the thing that I carried away from the house that held my childhood dreams. Then the red walls and green door were gone. The house was easily broken; it did not put up a fight, but accepted that its time was over. Where it once stood now holds no remnants of the life that was once there, and few people probably ever think of that little red house. Time has once again pushed us forward, as it should. I left my Shire, my Narnia, my home, to a house that sits under the watch of another mountain. Crowders Mountain no longer cradles me in her shadow, but that’s ok. I grew up, and no longer need her. It took me a while to accept that it was time for me to leave the house in the woods, the yard with the swing, the road with the holes, but the acceptance did happen. Because now I have big dreams that take me away from home.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Front Porch - (Paper For School)

I have a front porch kind of family. Some people view porches as decorations only, but not us. Our porch is seen as an additional room to be used whenever possible. When most people glance at my front porch all they see is the peeling railings, old rocking chairs, a wooden bench that seems a bit out of place, and probably a cat or two. A scene they most likely would not view as beautiful. In my eyes, though, that porch is the prettiest one in the county. Those old, worn rocking chairs might be looking a bit rough, but they are still one of the best places to sit. I often feel most at peace while rocking in one of them, listening to the gentle thump of chair against concrete, and the songs of birds filling the air. It is here that friends and family gather, children play, homework is done, and simply sitting and relaxing takes place. My front porch is a safe haven where many of my life scenes have taken place.
From there, I have a view of the birdbath, a metal structure that serves as the centerpiece in a flower garden. A statue depicting a young girl holding an umbrella stands tall, surrounded by water, in the center of the basin. The garden she overlooks is not large in size, but is still home to man plants and ornaments. When in bloom, irises fill the bed with purple, and their vibrant leaves add greenery to the garden for the majority of the year. Various lawn decorations are nestled among the plants, adding their charm to the surroundings. Figurines of birds and fairies peek out from behind leaves, and solar lights twinkle and glow in the night. Not far from the birdbath hangs a hummingbird feeder, and with food comes war. I love watching the tiny creatures zoom to and fro with a buzzing of wings, valiantly defending their food from opponents. Stretched behind the yard is a forest of trees, swaying in a wind that carries the perfume of life with it. This perfume, a medley of grass, flowers, hay, and earth, floats up to the porch, whispering an invitation to stop and smell the breeze.
Conversation and laughter replace the sounds of nature when the porch is filled with occupants. The cats vacate their spots on or under the bench, disturbed by the racket of humans. As the adults rock and talk, children play, often squirming their past seated adults in order to reach the porch railings. These black metal railings, lining the perimeter of the porch, are perfect for climbing, as every child who sees them knows. Two generations have clambered up and swung on the bars, rubbing the paint off and smoothing many places.
I guess the word 'worn' would best describe the physical appearance of the front porch, and rightly so. It is worn from the years of life it has seen, and that is why I believe it to be the best front porch around. The paint isn't shiny, the chairs and bench aren't brand new, and it's not perfectly decorated, but I don't think those things really matter. Instead of all that, it holds memories of mine and my family's lives, and that is what makes it beautiful and secure.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life: 2013

The air conditioning is running, carpenter bees are buzzing, and the pool is open. Summer is officially here, and I can't help but feel that it will be one of the best yet. Last summer was good  but difficult. It was filled with uncertainty, hard decisions, and adjustments. I spent a lot of time wondering where I would be in 2013, and wishing I could somehow know. I had no clue what my future held, and I was scared. Scared of all the decisions that I needed to make, scared of college, scared of the unknown. I wish I could go back and tell that girl of Summer 2012 that it would be ok. Yeah, there have been some hard days but everything has worked out. So far college has been one of the best experiences of my life, and I wouldn't trade the lessons I have learned and the self-confidence I earned through these past seven months for anything. Right now I am in one of the happiest times of my life. Life is going well. I am surrounded by a ton of loving and supportive people, am teaching a children's church class, and have my college plans pretty settled. What more could I ask for?

Friday, April 12, 2013


It's been a very hectic week over here in my neck of the woods, and I have to admit that I'm glad it's coming to an end. It doesn't hurt that it is also ending on a good note. I've been worrying for a while about what direction to take in school, and since registration started today I needed to make a decision. Fortunately, God has blessed me by putting some wonderful people in my life that have been helping to point me in the right direction. So I think I'm going to turn my application in and hopefully be accepted into the medical assisting program. The career counselor I talked to said that it's not that hard to be accepted into, and she's pretty certain that I will be. That's my plan for now, but it could change again.I really hate making decisions. I mean, I have trouble deciding on what kind of potato chips to buy from the bookstore, so this is a pretty daunting task. On a completely different topic today's prompt is 3 things worn.

Friday, April 5, 2013


Yesterday was a very dreary day, full of cold wind and constant rain. Because of both of those elements our internet was out for the majority of the day. So of course there was no blog post. The clouds parted this morning though, and I'm now looking at a beautiful blue sky and the temperature is quite spring-like. Rain is necessary and it has its own joys, but I prefer a clear sky. It seems easier at times like these to notice the blessings surrounding me. Which brings me to this afternoons prompt....3 Gifts from His Word.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Unexpected

Today lets be grateful for 3 Gifts Surprisingly Found. I'm also grateful for the fact that I only had two classes today. Just another reason why I like that teacher. :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

So Pure a Color

Here I am again today, just like I promised last night. As this is my last day of spring break, it wasn't difficult to find time to post. Unfortunately, that will change but I'll do my best to keep on top of things here. Anyway, here is the thankfulness prompt for this beautiful day. Three things white. Now that you've read that there is nothing but yourself to stop you from praising and expressing gratitude to the Lord! I'll start things off my telling y'all what I'm thankful for today.
1. A dress that was a gift from a sister
2. A desk for my room
3. Fluffy clouds against a spring sky

There's also something else I'm grateful and excited about, even though it's not white. That would be the number of views this blog is getting! I was surprised to see readers from far and near, and it makes me super happy. So just know that by reading this you're putting a smile on my face.